7 Ways Unique Hardwood is Enhancing Interior Design Partnerships

By Wendy Meltzer

7 Ways Unique Hardwood is Enhancing Interior Design Partnerships

By Wendy Meltzer

Enhancing Interior Design Partnerships through Exclusive Services and Unmatched Expertise

In the realm of interior design and architecture, selecting the right materials is a crucial step towards transforming visions into reality. Unique Hardwood works hard to stand out as a premier hardwood flooring provider, dedicated to enhancing interior design relationships by catering specifically to the needs of designers. With a focus on personalized service, expert craftsmanship, and a commitment to building enduring relationships, Unique Hardwood has become a trusted partner in the world of flooring.

We are proud to have worked with many of the same designers for years. We have built these enduring relationships by listening to the creative vision a designer has for a project and delivering the best possible result. We are very good at a wide variety of flooring installation techniques including custom stair treads, herringbone, chevron, mixed width and any new ideas our designers come up with.

If you’re an interior designer who hasn’t worked with Unique Hardwood before, let us tell you about a few of the ways we strive to offer you exceptional service so we can build a lasting design relationship.


Enhancing Interior Design with Unique Hardwood's showroom in SOCO, Costa Mesa

1. Tailored Access

Unique Hardwood recognizes the unconventional schedules of interior designers and architects. To accommodate their schedules, the company offers special hours, allowing them exclusive access to the showroom at times that suit them best. Going a step further, Unique Hardwood provides interior designers and architects with personalized door codes, ensuring secure and convenient entry during off-hours. This level of flexibility speaks to the company’s commitment to fostering collaboration with design professionals.

2. Strategic Marketing

Acknowledging the pivotal role designers play as the company’s primary clients, Unique Hardwood directs most of our marketing efforts towards this influential demographic. By tailoring campaigns to address the unique needs and preferences of designers, the company not only attracts new long-term clients but also solidifies relationships with existing ones. The emphasis on customer service as a top priority ensures that designers receive the attention and support required to make informed and timely decisions, fostering repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

3. Precision Installation

Understanding the discerning nature of interior designers and architects, Unique Hardwood’s expert installation crew is dedicated to delivering meticulous craftsmanship. The loose lay installation approach allows our clients to make changes before the flooring is permanently secured, ensuring a high level of satisfaction and flexibility. This commitment to precision aligns with designers’ exacting standards and contributes to the overall success of each project. It also helps ensure that the designer’s client is happy with the end result.

4. Gallery-Like Showroom

Unique Hardwood’s showroom transcends the conventional by adopting a gallery-like design. Our flooring is showcased as artwork, inspiring designers, architects and clients alike and allowing them to envision how each of our products might enhance their projects.

Large format samples provide clients with a tactile experience, which instills confidence in their flooring choices and reaffirming Unique Hardwood’s commitment to delivering top-quality products. With five different collections and multiple finishes from which to choose, designers will find our showroom is an extremely effective space to show their clients our flooring – and also to get a good feeling for our comprehensive product range.


5. Responsive Communication

We appreciate that the world of design is often fast-paced, so we are focused on quick and efficient communication. Unique Hardwood sets itself apart by always answering the phone promptly and delivering quotes within 24 hours. This responsiveness reflects our company’s dedication to supporting designers throughout the decision-making process, establishing a seamless and reliable partnership.

6. Educational Events that Foster Knowledge and Relationships

Unique Hardwood takes a proactive approach to building relationships with designers, architects, and general contractors. Quarterly “Brunch & Learn” or “Design & Dine” events are organized to educate industry professionals about our wide variety of wood flooring products, including the best installation techniques, how our flooring is sustainably produced (and why this is important), and the benefits of our organic hard wax oil finish over polyurethane. Our design clients appreciate being able to talk knowledgeably about their flooring selection to their own clients.

These events not only enhance product knowledge but also serve as opportunities for networking, further solidifying the collaborative partnerships that are essential in the design industry. To register your interest in our next quarterly event, please visit this page.


7. Diverse Product Range

Unique Hardwood offers a unique array of products from prefinished European-made, to custom guaranteeing that designers will find the ideal product for their design requirements and reinforcing the company’s reputation as a one-stop solution for flooring needs.

Enhancing Interior Design Through Enduring Relationships

Our commitment to designers and architects goes beyond providing quality flooring; it extends to creating an immersive and supportive environment. Through exclusive access, tailored marketing, expert installations, an inspiring showroom, responsive communication, educational events, and a diverse product range, Unique Hardwood has firmly established itself as a reliable partner for designers seeking luxurious, sustainable, and durable flooring solutions. Our success lies in our exceptional products and the enduring relationships built with the design community.

We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom so we can introduce you to our product range. Please join our mailing list by completing the form on this page.

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